Guests Outraged After Disney Park Bans, Throws Away Accessibility Devices - Inside the Magic

2023-01-03 16:33:53 By : Ms. Linda Zheng

Disneyland Resort and Walt Disney World Resort offer Disability Access Service (DAS) – allowing Guests to virtually wait for rides instead of queueing on standby. Almost every line at the Southern California and Central Florida Disney Parks is wheelchair accessible, meaning that DAS primarily services Guests that cannot stay in crowded lines for other reasons.

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Guests Outraged After Disney Park Bans, Throws Away Accessibility Devices - Inside the Magic

For Guests with mobility issues that don’t want to use wheelchairs or ECVs, it can be challenging to stand in line. TikToker @laura.nicole.g shared a “hack” for waiting in exhausting lines – a small folding stool. Many Guests asked where to purchase it to make their waits more bearable.

However, Laura (@shmeebit) shared the video with a warning:

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“You will be unpopular because the people at the front gates of Disneyland will confiscate it because it’s against their rules,” Laura warned.

“I bought this exact same seat bc standing for long periods of time can be hard on my back and it was not allowed,” she explained in the comments.

“YES!!! Mine was taken away at security,” @rachelturner1990 confirmed.

“Could this – them taking it – not be a MASSIVE accessibility issue? Like, could breach the law issue?” wondered @areyouteeaitch.

According to Disneyland Resort’s rules, folding chairs are banned, though this stool seems to be in a gray area. There is an exception for folding cane chairs and seat-walkers, so we recommend opting for one of those if you have mobility issues but don’t want to use a wheelchair or ECV.

Do you think these folding stools should be allowed at Disneyland Resort and Walt Disney World Resort? 

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Guests Outraged After Disney Park Bans, Throws Away Accessibility Devices - Inside the Magic

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