Body of Missing New York Hiker Found After Difficult 3 Day Search

2023-04-15 11:43:10 By : Ms. Maggie Zhang

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The body of a missing hiker in New York has been found after a three-day search. Womens Warm Socks

Body of Missing New York Hiker Found After Difficult 3 Day Search

A hiker left his home in Brooklyn for a solo trek in the Bonticou Crag area on March 11. His daughter was the last person to hear from him before he took off. He didn't show up for work the following Monday or Tuesday.

New York State Police discovered the vehicle of theh missing 45-year-old hiker in the Spring Farm parking lot of Mohonk Preserve on March 14.

Over the next three days, 10 Forest Rangers joined the State Police, Mohonk Preserve Patrol Rangers, Sam's Point Search and Rescue, and Marbletown Rescue to look for the missing hiker.

Steep, rocky, technical terrain, and the recent snowstorm made the seach more difficult. But on the morning of March 17, searchers found the hiker's backpack and cell phone at the base of a 50-foot cliff. A few hours later the body was found about 400 feet away from a presumed fall.

The NYS DEC provides hiking tips to keep you safe on the trails from what to wear to what to bring.

In addition to wearing the proper clothing and footwear, the DEC recommends taking these essentials with you at all times.

Map Compass GPS system Extra batteries Waterproof/windproof jacket Hat Gloves Thermal undergarments (pack extra) Wool socks (pack extra) Goggles - Winter Face mask - Winter Headlamp Flashlight Lanterns Whistle Signal mirror Duct tape Pocket knife/multi-tool, etc. Bright colored cloth Matches in a waterproof container Lighter High-protein and high-calorie food At least 2 liters of water per person Tent Space Blanket Tarp

Before hitting the trails be sure to plan out your trip - where you're going and when you'll return. Be sure to check out trail and weather conditions first and leave your trip plans with family or friends.

If you do happen to get lost or injured, stop, stay calm, and call 911 or the DEC Dispatch at 518-408-5850 or 518-891-0235 in the Adirondacks.

Body of Missing New York Hiker Found After Difficult 3 Day Search

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