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2022-05-30 08:21:13 By : Mr. Songlin Xi

Following is a transcript of the video.

I'm Auri Katariina, and I'm going to show you how to clean a white fake-leather couch.

In the couch, there was stains from coffee, denim stains from jeans, and then the kids had draw to the couch, so there's ink stains. I'm using a spray bottle. There is dish soap and water.

If you have coffee oil stains on your sink, you need alkaline-based product. But when we are talking about fake leather, I don't use really strong acid or really strong alkaline product, because they are too strong, so it can ruin the fake leather. So that's why I used only neutral product, like dish soap and PowerPaste.

PowerPaste is natural cleaner. It's like clay. I always use PowerPaste for the ink stains because it whitens the couch. It works kind of similar to sandpaper. The clay scratches away the stains. It's not hard, but if you scrub it hard, it can scratch. So that's why I use dish soap, because it's slippery. And then I add the PowerPaste there, so it glides there really nicely. But if the PowerPaste was more easy to spread, I wouldn't use dish soap at all.

Coffee oil stains was harder to remove. I had to scrub way more than if I could use a really strong alkaline product. If the coffee oil stains wouldn't come off, I would use bleach on that. But bleach is a highly alkaline product. If you use bleach, you can leave marks in there, and I think it dries the fake leather, so I don't recommend that.

I always use microfiber cloths to wipe it away. Microfiber is small fibers, and it collects inside of it water and dust and everything. It's easy to wipe with it because it collects everything you wipe.

If you have white couch or white things, it gets dirty easily, but it's easier to clean because PowerPaste is white. So it's easy to spread there, because if the couch was, like, red, it would take more wiping so that the PowerPaste comes off completely.