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2022-09-03 04:22:58 By : Ms. Cathy Shen

Years and years from now, the trends that took off in 2020 will be of great interest to fashion historians. Many of them (aka anything falling under the loungewear umbrella) will be pretty self-explanatory. Others, like the subject of this story, not quite so much. Faux (or vegan) leather is a trend that started to bubble as soon as Nanushka entered the scene a few years ago, so perhaps the fact that the trend started pre-pandemic explains why it's so popular. Faux leather clothing isn't new but it's undoubtedly reached a fever pitch in 2020, and tons of brands are in on it.

So how do we know the trend is reached a fever pitch, aside from seeing it among a slew of retailers' stock? Well, Who What Wear's very own senior analyst Alexandra Flowers shared that people are shopping for faux leather clothing 105% more than last year. And items such as shirts, jackets/shackets, trousers, joggers, and leggings have been the top sellers among our readers. 

If you're wondering why faux leather has become one of the top trends of 2020 (for proof of that, just take a scroll through your Instagram feed), I have a few theories. For starters, even the most inexpensive pieces look surprisingly expensive, with some even passing for genuine leather. Additionally, it's surprisingly soft and flexible (unlike genuine leather), and given its nature faux leather makes anything it's paired with look significantly cooler.

With that, keep scrolling for some faux leather styling tips and to shop some of the best pieces to add to your wardrobe.

Our editor Yusra styled these amazing Zara pants to a T.

Of course, Zara has perfected the trend.

Be prepared to hear "cute dress" a lot when wearing this.

These Simonett pants are beloved by the cool girls of Instagram. Keep scrolling to shop them for yourself.

This slightly cropped, boxy top is so easy to wear.

These Rowen Rose faux leather overalls come with a matching face mask, and I'm obsessed.

Nanushka is basically the king of the faux-leather trend.

Just a heads-up that these beauties come in black too.

A faux-leather blazer and Converse sneakers are an excellent combination.

A faux-leather blazer is a great starter item if you're new to the trend.

Paperbag waists remain a celeb-favorite pants style.

I don't know about you, but I can't get over the price of this chic LBD.

If you live in a warmer climate, this outfit idea is for you.

Designer vibes with a fast-fashion price tag.

I would have zero regrets if I ordered this.

Faux-leather pants plus a sweater, shacket, and ankle boots are an outfit combination for the ages.

See the photo above for proof that these pants are great. 

Shop like it's winter.

The Simonett pants strike again. Bonus points for pairing them with chunky boots.

Yet another reason to love H&M.

People have been obsessed with these leggings for years.

Nanushka is the gift that keeps on giving.

Reviews for these cult-favorite pants are highly convincing.

Just a reminder that shackets are the new jackets.

A great way to wear vegan leather? With more vegan leather. (And yes, those are the Simonett pants.)

It's easy to see why these are an influencer favorite.

Think outside the box and shop for colored vegan leather (although you can't go wrong with black). There are plenty to choose from above.

Layer this over a fitted turtleneck and call it a day.

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