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2022-05-30 08:19:50 By : Ms. tracy Lin

No Disney Cruise would be complete without exclusive merchandise, and the Star Wars: Galactic Starcruiser is no exception. We’ve compiled a full list with prices of all merchandise available from the Chandrila Collection gift shop on the Halcyon. Please note that this does not include the Star Wars: Galactic Starcruiser-branded merchandise; stay tuned for our full list of those items at the conclusion of our cruise.

The formal tunic is in the traditional style of Jedi tunics in solid gray. It features an attached decorative greeblie. The belt is made from self-stick fabric that attaches in the back.

Emulate Princess Leia’s iconic look from “A New Hope” in this white gown. It has a simulated leather belt with faux metallic details, an elastic waist, lined skirt, and attached hood.

If the Prequel trilogy is more your style, you can purchase a replica of Padmé Amidala’s velour cloak. It comes in adult and youth sizes.

If you prefer your apparel less glitzy, blend in as one of Bail Organa’s security aides in this short-sleeve tunic. The accents are made from synthetic leather. It matches the security aide jacket, which is sold separately.

Stylistically more of a cloak, this jacket can complete your security aide ensemble.

Live your “Star Wars Story” with a dress inspired by “Solo.” Modeled after gowns worn by guests on Dryden Vos’ yacht in the film, this dress has a detachable hood, bell sleeves, synthetic leather belt, and attached jewelry.

Those looking for a more rugged scoundrel or civilian look can pick up this jacket. Its striping and ridged fabric details look more like something a Batuuan might sport. The front is embroidered with “CSL” and the Chandrila Star Line emblem.

Ambitious younglings can play out their career goals and match Captain Keevan in a Captain’s jacket.

The jacket is pale blue with silver accents. The white synthetic leather yoke features the Chandrila Star Line logo in red.

Has your youngling been recruited to the Resistance by their new hero, Sammie? Now they can match him with a mechanic jumpsuit featuring the Chandrila Star Line logo. It comes complete with a utility belt. You never know when you’ll need a hydrospanner!

Adults and children alike can sport lightsaber training tunics just like those worn by the Saka on board the Halcyon. The dark blue faux-wrap tunic has light gray sleeves with stitched pleats.

Accessorize your look with long or short gloves. Both come in black and feature the Chandrila Star Line logo.

Adults and children can transform into a Twi’lek with a handy headpiece. It features a grey cap with blue lekku.

If you prefer to channel Ahsoka Tano, the Togruta headpiece functions more like a hat with front lekku and montrals on top.

Complete your look with a Chandrila Star Line Captain’s hat in light blue with a black brim.

A tan tee featuring a diagram of the Halcyon.

The Chandrila Star Line logo is on the right sleeve.

This black tee for adults has the Halcyon embroidered on the front over the Chandrila Star Line “CSL” text.

A gray cap-sleeve tank with the Chandrila Star Line logo in a gradient of tan and red.

A sweater in classic nautical style with navy and beige color blocking, a red collar, and a diagram of the Halcyon. The Chandrila Star Line emblem is on the chest.

If you’re looking for an edgier style, this red jacket has a diagonal zipper and geometric designs around the Chandrila Star Line logo. It has a hood, which hides another Chandrila Star Line emblem.

A simpler red jacket featuring a more subtle Chandrila Star Line logo on the front left breast.

This black blouse features “Chandrila Star Line” down the neckline. It has a keyhole back with the star line’s emblem beside it.

There are several jewelry items featuring the Chandrila Star Line logo, including this necklace.

A silver neck wrap gives an otherworldly twist on necklaces and has the Chandrila Star Line emblem on the left side. The right side has “Chandrila Star Line” embossed in Aurebesh.

Two different types of Chandrila Star Line logo earrings are available, including the stud-style earrings above and the hoop earrings below.

This wavy gold bracelet is a replica of the one worn by General Organa in “The Last Jedi” and “The Rise of Skywalker,” made of the fictional metal Oro-weave.

This bracelet is a replica of the homing beacon that General Organa used to ensure Rey could find her way back to the Resistance in “The Last Jedi.”

This long ring features wavy intertwined gold accents, a single band, and two large blue stones. It is a replica of the ring worn by General Leia Organa in “The Last Jedi.”

This necklace is called Chalcedony Waves, an heirloom of the Organa family. Leia wears it during the medal ceremony at the end of “A New Hope.”

This necklace is very similar to Qi’ra’s necklace from “Solo.” It is reminiscent of the Crimson Dawn crime syndicate’s logo.

This cuff bracelet is gold with teal accents.

These uniquely shaped gold earrings are replicas of the pair worn by General Leia Organa at the end of “The Force Awakens.”

While most of these items are exclusive to the Halcyon, some of these jewelry pieces can also be found at Dok-Ondar’s Den of Antiquities.

The white MagicBand comes included with your stay, but if you’re looking to stand out a little, you can pick up a black MagicBand featuring the Halcyon.

This is a black fold-top backpack with buckle clasps. The Chandrila Star Line logo is on the top flap.

The small front pocket has a patch with a diagram of the Halcyon on it.

The lanyard features several blocks filled with Aurebesh. One reads “Chandrila Star Line” while the rest feature destinations visited on the Halcyon — Coruscant, Bespin, Chandrila, and Batuu.

A clear lanyard pouch with a diagram of the Halcyon inside. The clip has a red and gold Chandrila Star Line emblem charm.

An elegant bottle stopper in silver, topped with a gold and white medallion featuring the Chandrila Star Line logo.

Remember your adventure in the stars with a shiny silver mug for your morning Caf. It features a gold Chandrila Star Line logo.

This pin covers all your bases with a Chandrila Star Line logo, the Halcyon text logo, and an image of the ship.

A shiny silver pin is embossed with the Chandrila Star Line emblem and text logo.

A golden pin features a dimensional image of the Halcyon.

Another pin with the Chandrila Star Line logo and an image of the Halcyon is available.

New droid pins are featured in this set starring the SK series and JD series.

Take home a poster of galactic superstar Gaya in vivid, 1970s style. It comes matted and framed.

An executive-style silver pen with black and gold accents. It has geometric designs and reads, “Chandrila Star Line” in Aurebesh.

This sleek black faux-leather bound journal has Chandrila Star Line written down the front and features the cruise line’s emblem as a magnetic clasp.

Commemorate your trip with a round ornament, which is open on one side to reveal a tiny model of the Halcyon.

Another Halcyon model, this time in the form of a rather large keychain.

You can get a more subtle Halcyon keychain with two gold charms — one with cut-out text reading “Halcyon” and another with an engraved diagram of the ship.

The Chandrila Star Line logo is also available in keychain form.

Decorate your parks bag with a white and gold patch featuring the Chandrila Star Line logo.

For a full guide to the Star Wars: Galactic Starcruiser, click here.

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